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Frequently Asked Questions
How does VersaSeal work?
VersaSeal utilizes a pressure activated cohesive. This cohesive is pre-applied at the factory, so there is no need to maintain glue inventories or go through messy application processes.

Since the cohesive is pre-applied, will the forms stick together in the boxes?
No. For the sealing process to work, two spots of cohesive must be touching and adequate pressure applied. These forms are produced to exacting specifications and the spots of cohesive only come into contact with each other when they are folded correctly.

What does the phrase "fiber tear" mean?
When the forms are sealed properly, the bond is permanent. Any attempts to open the document will result in the paper being torn in one or more areas where the cohesive was positioned. This means these products are ideal for sensitive documents such as checks and transcripts.

Does this product meet postal regulations?
All of our standard sized products meet all postal regulations. We can also provide design assistance on your custom applications to enable you to meet all requirements for first class mail as well as provide advice on available postal discounts.

What kind of warranty comes with the equipment?
When you purchase VersaSeal equipment from an authorized distributor, you will receive a 90-day warranty which includes all parts and labor, as well as installation and training from a certified technician.

Are extended service agreements available?
Yes, you can purchase extended service agreements in twelve month increments. Be sure to ask your VersaSeal distributor about these options.

How long has VersaSeal been in the marketplace and how many customers do you have?
We developed the original self-mailing solution for small to mid-size users in the mid-nineties. Since that time, we have been the preferred choice for thousands of satisfied customers. In addition to our original products, we can also provide solutions for high end users and for after-market customers.

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